A Conscious Meal

I did it. I turned off the phone and tablet and television, and prepared food. It’s evening, and though I was hungry, I wasn’t famished. I put together a small green salad with sweet peppers and cranberries, and just a little bit of bleu cheese dressing. I had baked a small loaf of bread, just enough for two, and I had some feta cheese, and honey, and dried figs to put on it.

I set the table, as a deliberate act of preparation. Bringing food to table, I listened to the crackle of the collapsing crush of the fresh bread. With a deep breath, I ate. To be fair, I have been off sugar for several weeks, (I think this helps with the perception of sweetness of one’s food, but I don’t have a real source, only experience. It’s a harmless experiment you can try, if you’re interested in really cultivating your ability to taste the food in front of you.) I don’t think of romaine lettuce as a particularly flavorful item, but if you stop and pay attention to it, you’ll find it does have a sort of green freshness. The way you would think it would taste, if you concentrated on it. It was delicious. Green pea pods, a bit of bitter cabbage, with the sweetness of cranberries, and the sour bite of bleu cheese. Simple, inexpensive, nutritious.

I love figs and honey. I recognize it’s not for everyone, but if you add a bit of feta and a crust of chewy bread, you have something beautiful.

I ate less than 500 calories, as measured by some good information, and also vague guessing. I feel full. I don’t crave anything in particular.

Cleanup was easy.

So far, so good.

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