Guac. You love it or you hate it. I want you to love it the way I do, though. It’s amazing stuff. You can read a million articles about the health benefits of it, and all that is super important, but what really matters is the amazing stuff it does to tacos.

Confession – this is a stock photo. I ate mine before I realized I wanted to blog about it, and I’m not taking a picture of the empty bowl in my sink.

So how do we get it? We make it, and then wait until it is ice cold in the fridge to eat it, because it is currently hotter than Hell’s own furnace, and that is what we like.


Get some avocados. Just get all the ones that are really ripe – they’ll squish just a little beneath your fingers. I say overripe is better than underripe here, because you can’t do anything with underripe avocados except be mad at them, and they don’t care. Next, decide if you want salsa-type ingredients. I do. You might be happy with just mashed avocado, a little salt and a bag of chips. You do you; I want you to be happy.

You can add salsa type veggies and spices. If you want them, get them. Or cheat, and get a jar of salsa. You only need a little. Sour cream or plain yogurt are nice additions, too, if you’re not dairy free. I suspect vegan substitutes for those items work as well, if that’s your bag, but I haven’t tried it.

Now squash it together with a fork or potato masher or food processor. Whatever you’ve got is fine. Stress guacamole is not so good. You’ll need a squirt of lime juice to help it keep its color. It’s going to turn brown sooner or later, if it lasts more than a day. When this happens, I tell the family it’s gone bad and not to eat it, and then eat it myself. It’s fine, as long as it isn’t actually old. They don’t need to know that.

And that’s it. I recommend eating it with chips on the porch while it rains, but it’s yours now, you can do what you want. There’s no shame. It’s good for you and it tastes good, and that is a rare combination.


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