Midnight Snacks

Watch for werewolves.

Admit it. You could have a bite. Just a little something, when you rise from your bed in the shadowy hours, with the moon spilling silver in a square on the floor. You’ve probably got something sweet hidden somewhere, full of sugary crunch or shattering pastry flakes. Friend, I am with you. Those things are delicious in small amounts. But frequent awakenings with sweet snacks to help the Sandman seduce us, can tend to get eaten mindlessly. And we seem to favor a combination of sugar and fat. But you also don’t want to cook a meal in the middle of the night. Probably. I might. So what can we keep around us for a taste of something good and small that won’t give us indigestion, nor require elaborate preparation?

  1. Cheese – full of protein, and you need only unwrap it or slice off a chunk. Good call.
  2. Pepperoni – if you want to, you can microwave them for a little bit on a paper towel. They’re crisp and spicy and filling. Assuming they don’t unsettle your stomach.
  3. Leftovers – Always a good bet, and it reduces waste. When you put them away, put them in single servings for the microwave, and stuff in the freezer. If you’re the sort, label them. Or you can gamble on it. It’s all your stuff. You probably like whatever it is.
  4. Homemade/canned soup – Homemade is best, of course, but there are a few with quality ingredients. Read the labels when you buy. The more things on the label that you would have made it with, the better. I think of soup as a winter food, but that is largely in my head.
  5. Nuts – again, a source of healthy proteins and fat. You could include a spoonful of peanut butter here.
  6. Whipped Cream with Cocoa Powder – I’m serious. Get the stuff in a spray can that is actually cream, without added sugar. Sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Let us, therefore, embrace the midnight snack. It isn’t necessarily bad, if you sit down to enjoy it, slowly, in the dim yellow circle of light. If you’re caught, pull out a chair and share. They’ll thank you for the whipped cream thing.

Sleep tight.

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