Change Of Focus

We got this, humanity. (Image from WHO)

It’s a brave new world, my friends.

I don’t have to tell you, no matter where you are in the world right now, that priorities have changed. I want to avoid politics and theories about how this started and why. Those things matter, but that’s not what I’m doing here. I want to talk about survival in a world where so many of us aren’t working, budgets are cut, the fresh supplies I used to take for granted are no longer available.

My new plan is to use this platform to show you that your pantry staples can be great as well, with a little creativity and patience. There are lessons to be learned here, and not just about food. These first few blogs won’t include my own pictures — I can’t afford to prepare a ton of food right now, either, and I want to get started. But I’ll follow up with some good ones, so that we can all see what’s possible with what most of us can still get, and inexpensively. I’ll show you how to store larger meals, for overworked emergency/healthcare workers. I also want to encourage those who can to take this time to enjoy your local restaurant’s curbside services. In doing so, you’re keeping others employed who might not otherwise be working, and that is an important part of all this.

Please be kind. Please don’t hoard. We’re all in this together now, and there is enough, if we only take what we need and leave some for others. Remember your elderly neighbors may be truly afraid to go out now, and where these can be made in bulk and delivered, you can do your part by taking a portion to them. Stay close to each other in the ways that you can: Video calls are a great way to ease everyone’s sense of isolation, and, people, you can still write letters that can be reread and held on to during lonely nights. Remember that there is a large collection of young adults who will miss their graduation ceremonies, proms, and end of year parties, and have compassion. In the face of tragedy, it may seem silly to worry about, but they worked hard to get there, and their hearts are breaking for a loss they can’t regain.

Look after each other. This too, shall pass.

Carry on.

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